Saturday, 2 June 2012

There has never been a better time to rent in Spain

It’s not all doom and gloom here in Spain.

We have all heard the horror stories about British people and other nationalities leaving Spain in droves but the reality is something completely different.  The two main reasons for moving to Spain, the temperate climate and the laid back lifestyle, are as valid now as they have ever been.  In fact the difference between lifestyle here compared to the UK is, if anything, even more pronounced.
The decline in property values and sales has hurt a lot of people, English and Spanish alike.  It is true that the building programme got way too far ahead of demand and it is difficult to see how property prices can recover any time soon.  Some people say that there is still a significant risk of property prices falling even more.  However this decline has created a silver lining for those who rent.
Rents have fallen in line with house prices, by as much as half in some cases and, there is a huge amount of vacant properties to choose from.  This is especially the case here in Almería which certainly has the most laid back lifestyle in Spain.  More good news is that the Pound has gained twenty five per cent over the Euro in the last few months and looks set to remain strong for the foreseeable future.  So that means fifty per cent off your rent, twenty five per cent added to your buying power and a wealth of properties to choose from.  What are you waiting for?
One word of caution however, there is little or no work here for non Spanish.  Unemployment in the province is running at over thirty per cent and the Spanish will, quite rightly, employ their family or a fellow countryman first.  That being said, those with a pension or independent means will find that their income will stretch much further and deliver a much better quality of life including three hundred and twenty sunny days per year.

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